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About the company

We offer pet dog training and specialist dog training. Qualified and professional Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviourist with 30 years of experience. Online training is our key element to educate people about dog handling & training.


Fields of expertise

Pet Dog Training & Behaviour

Qualified Animal Behaviourist & DogTrainers with 30 years of experience.

Security Dog Training

NASDU approved trainers and ex MOD trainers and handlers.

Scent Training

Experienced and former operational dog handlers in detection work in the MOD & K9 search & rescue training 

Belgian Shepherd (Malinois Breeding)

Health-tested and well-balanced breeding line work & pet.

K9 Online Training

Expert knowledge and advise via online courses, quizzes, fact sheets and interactive chats in groups and with our trainers.

K9 First Aid Training

Life saving information to help save your dog.

About Alistair Spinks

Alistair Spinks has an extensive experience in canine behaviour management & training dogs in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) & private pet dog training.

Since childhood, he has been around large breeds with an enthusiasm to handle and train working dogs.

Successfully completed a BTEC National Diploma, Foundation degree in Animal Science and a BSc Hon in Animal Behaviour Science.

In his studies, he carried out projects on tracking & canine cognition subjects. Before joining the forces, he had trained his first dog to compete in Working trials.

He joined the British Army in 2006 serving 12 years and joined as a dog handler & trainer operating worldwide. During his tour of duty in the forces he handled a variety of dogs from protection dogs to detection dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In addition, he has trained a variety of dogs such as protection dogs, and police dogs for the Ministry of Defence police, RAF police, Military Working Dog (MWD) Regiment & other agencies.  Assisted in training mine detection dogs and tracker dogs worldwide. 

He was involved in a project training dual-role dogs for protection and detection using Belgian shepherds, (Malinois) & German Shepherds.

Deployed on exercises with protection and detection dogs from Germany to Jordon working with the bomb disposal teams. 

In the forces, Alistair had been involved with a variety of dogs to help manage problem behaviours such as aggression, kennel stress, training issues, anxiety issues, restraint and manipulation issues such as aggression towards the vet.

Using his subject matter expertise (SME) in Animal Behaviour, he taught soldiers and overseas soldiers about applied animal behaviour. Since leaving the forces in 2018, Alistair set up his own company “Spinky’s Dog Training” offering dog training services. Then it became a private limited company in 2020, known as “ Sphinx SCT Ltd” offering dog training, k9 security services and training in first aid and Security. 

Spinky’s dog training is now a subdomain to offer an online platform for dog training and a blended learning platform to support face-to-face dog training and consultation. 

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