Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

Canine Search Hereos (CSH)


Canine Seach Heroes is progressive classes to help individuals teach their dog how to track, air scent for missing people as well as train their dog for dog sports such as IPO (or commonly known as Shutzhund).

Some breeds like the Belgian Shepherd can have a lot of energy to burn and need some outlet. This class is a specially adapted class to help give them a job and different to your conventional obedience classes

The class is ideal for security dogs as the disciplines are ideal for the job what they do. 

Breeds must have some control and ideally be sociable with other dogs and people. If not managed so they are sociable to a certian degreee.





Most frequent questions and answers

Classes are held at variety locations depending on the type of work been done. For example, tracking in fields, manwork and obedience at Crossroads & search and tracking at Willingham woods.

Classes involve tracking, air scenting dogs, trailing, man work for IPO (known as shutzhund training), obedience, agility, article searching.


Positive dog training methods are only used.

To book a place on the course a the course amount will have to be paid upfront to confirm a place.

There will be a link to book online. 

The sessions are for 2 hours.

£17 per dog for the 2 hour session. 


Some lessons will involve theory work with handouts and an action plan done for each person.

Ipo training
obedience training