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4 Week Puppy Foundation Training Course


4 Week Puppy Foundation Training Course

£55.00 £53.00

Puppy Training:

We can help you train your puppy via our qualified and experienced trainers. Positive dog training methods used and tailored to your needs.




Puppy Foundation Training Course

Course duration: 4 weeks
Location: Glentham, Indoor Motorbike Track

Session dates:
Jan: 27th
Feb: 3rd, 10th, 17th

Class times: 1915 – 2015
Cost: £55

Day: Monday

dog socialising

Dog socialisation


– The course is a complete package to help train your puppy. However, there is options to do the course in sections of 3-week sections.

– The course outline is explained below and the course cost will need to be paid prior to the course starting to confirm a place.

– The course will only run if there is sufficient numbers as the course require other dogs to help socialize other people’s dogs.

– To book a place on the course or further information please message me and i can send you a PayPal invoice to pay for it. The website is still under construction.

 1) Prevent and manage Canine problem behavior.
 2) To educate the owner to teach their puppy new life skills for adulthood,
 3) Insight in to positive based dog training methods like marker training and clicker training to bring the best out of your dog.
 4) Educate the puppy to correctly socialise with people and dogs.

COURSE COSTS: £60 including training manual & Rosette & a FREE CLICKER
Full course costs will need to be paid in advance to book a place on the course due to high demand for the course.

Puppies have taken on the course from the 2nd Vaccination till 8 months. Ideal for young dogs who need refresher puppy training as some larger breeds take longer to mature or may have missed out on early training.

The puppy classes will help the puppy in the following ways:
1) Socialising with other dogs and people.
2) Learn commands and exercises that can be carried on to adulthood e.g. not pulling on the lead, not begging, non-jumping up.
3) Introduction to CD desensitisation of fireworks, thunderstorms, and gunshots.
4) Helping the puppy or young dog cope with veterinary handling in the vets e.g. muzzles, being picked up.
5) Learn how to interact with each other and humans reducing anxieties later in life.

Benefits to the owner:
1) Learn training methods to teach your dog commands and exercises e.g. sit, down, stay, come, on the leash & loose lead training, introduction to off-leash training, leave or drop & muzzle training.
2) Understanding how puppies develop into adulthood.
3) Enhance human/animal interaction in a more efficient and positive way.
4) Understand the use of clicker training and marker training.
5) Understand selecting a puppy from a litter when buying a puppy.
6) Understand temperament testing and selection for working dogs.
7) Understanding the preventive measure to reduce problem behaviors later on in the puppies life e.g. phobias, anxiety, shy of vets, etc.

No refund will be given 2 weeks before the course start date and after the course start date. Due to a place being lost.
If you do decide to cancel after 2 weeks prior to the course starting you will receive a 100% refund.
It is an interactive course to help with the development, training, and management of your puppy.

The puppy will need to have it’s 2nd vaccination and provide proof, please.

Parking available and access for disabled people.


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