Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

Belgian Shepherd Malinois Litter Bravo – Mar 22

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Blue - Blaze
(kg) - (Personal Protection Dog Project)


Inquisitive & intelligent. Sociable & playful. Developing well and a middleweight category. Kind and caring nature. Playful and bold. Relaxed and easy going puppy. Blaze has been selected to undergo the personal protection dog training from puppy to 12 months.

Gray (Branston) - KC Name (Bledsoe)


One of the heavyweights, charismatic and first to open his eyes out of the litter. Fast developer and first to walk. Inquisitive and confident. Confident likes to play fight and thinks ahead. Very intelligent.

Green - Buddy


Confident, robust and cheeky. Likes tug of war and exploring. One of the heavy weights. Observant and incisive.

*If not sold will be potential for IGB training project*

Green - Buddy

Red - Bailey


Top dog, very confident. Broad shoulders, boisterous and playful. He will be entering the fostering care programme to be trained up of the police, army, prison in the uk and internationally.

Yellow - Bruce (KC Name Buddy)


Level-headed, inquisitive, and confident. Has a good on and off switch. Heavyweight. Yellow - Buddy

Pale Blue - Bonnie
(kg) - Potential Cadaver Training Project


Inquisitive, sociable, bold. Caring and kind nature. Middle weight Happy puppy and likes to come and say hello.

*Potential for Cadaver Dog Training Project if not sold.*

Purple - Belle

female (AVAILABLE)

Independent, calm and likes to observe. Careful thinker, confident and playful.
*If not sold personal protection dog training project. *

Orange - Billie

female (Reserved)

Strong willed and persevering. Heavyweight and inquisitive to play tug of war and explore.

Pale Green - Betsy

female (Reserved)

Inquisitive, sociable and likes to chill out when she gets the chance. Submissive in nature. Playful, happy and relaxed. Well rounded dog and a heavy weight.

Pink - Blake

female (RESERVED)

Pink is fearless, loyal, affectionate. Middleweight.