Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

Belgian Malinois Shepherd Puppies – Litter Alpha (Mar 21)

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Green - Atlas


Inquisitive, sociable & playful. Developing well and a middleweight category. Kind and caring nature. Playful and bold. Relaxed and easy going puppy.

Yellow - Arnie


One of the heavyweights, charismatic and first to open his eyes out of the litter. Fast developer and first to walk. Inquisitive and confident. Confident likes to play fight and thinks ahead. Very intelligent.

Silver - Asimi


Inquisitive, sociable and likes to climb.
Thinker and likes to observe. Bold dog and likes to engage with people and other puppies.

Red - Alfie


Confident and likes to climb on top of the others. Very inquisitive and likes to chill out after feeding. Loves his mum and very sociable. Vocal individual and a happy chap. He like to climb and investigate. Ready to explore. Dark colourings.

Light Blue - Alvin


Inquisitive, sociable and like to chill out in spare time. Caring and kind nature. Middle to heavy weight category. Happy puppy and likes to come and say hello. Easygoing puppy and likes to please.

Burgundy - Archie


One of the larger males, thick set, likes to chill out after feed time. Confident. Likes company of others and starting to play now. Laid back personality and heavy set dog. Ideal for guarding duties and personal protection dog at home.

Purple - Angel


Inquisitive, sociable, determined, peaceful, loving and submissive. Laid back and likes to observe. Careful thinker, confident and playful.

Orange - Aida

female (Reserved)

Inquisitive, sociable, peaceful & loving. Very determined now to say she is the smallest is out of the bitches. She is relaxed and cuddly. Likes to please the owner.

Blue - Alma

female (Reserved)

Inquisitive, sociable and likes to chill out when she gets the chance. Submissive in nature. Playful, happy and relaxed.

Pink - Arla

female (RESERVED)

Inquisitive, sociable and likes to chill out when she gets the chance. Confident in nature. Playful and likes to play fight and play tug of war with toy.