Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) Breeding Programme


Kennel Club registered and health checked working dog and puppies for sale for working/pet, personal protection dogs, dual role dogs, agility, search and rescue, tracking/trailing, police work and scent work.

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Well balanced

Sociable dogs and puppies around people and other dogs. Approachable as well as trainable to be protective as personal protection dog.

Health checked & KC registered.

Full pedigree papers available to show working progeny. Parents of puppies hip dysplasia free. Hip and elbowed scored too.

dog socialising


Parents are from working stock and bitch/s are currently working in security/scent work/tracking/agility and multi disciplines.
Very intelligent breed, trainable, loyal, agile and easy to training in detection and gaurd duties.

Personal Protection, security and police type training.

The breeding lined sourced to form the breeding programme is from breeding stock who are very sociable with people, dogs and new situations.

Trainability background and willingness to learn. 

The puppies are ideal candidates and trained young and adult dogs well suited for personal protection, police and security dogs.

Obedience, scent work & agility.

Obedience trained on and off leash through the dogs life to encourage discipline and sociability around people, dogs and new situations.

Scent work to encourage the dog to use their natural sense and the breed is an affective tool used world wide to detect arms and explosive to missing people.

Puppies born 12th jAN 2021

6 Dogs & 4 Bitches


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the breeding line has been selectively picked to be sociable with people, dogs (young & old), children and variety of other domestic animals and wildlife. 

The puppies when grown up will be able to switch on and off.  Going against the public opinon that the Malanois is not suitable as a pet. 

Selecting a Malanois from a non proven and registered litter with no background to them. Consequently could lead to purchasing a hyper active puppy who their parents are anxious or aggressive which is inheritable. 

It has been out aim to produce a Belgian Shepherd Malanois puppy who is suitable for work and home

Ruby below is our breeding and working bitch who lives with us at home. She is also a working security dog and trains for scent work. Ruby makes an excellent dual role dog and in addition to personal protection dog.  She has high potential in agility too and she has done some trailing work urban and rural. Overall Ruby makes an excellent pet dog: she can be left alone in the house, doesn’t chew, calm and confident in new situations. Natural guarding instincts in the house  or even farm yard if you had one. On the other hand, once she knows there is no threat is a loyal and friendly dog. 

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Yes both parents. 

The litter born in January 2021 we have 6 dog and 4 bitches. 

They were all born successfully and now in the first week of updating the page are all gaining weight and flourishing.

We are taking provisional bookings on puppies prior to making a confirmed one  via viewing and selecting a puppy through videos and pictures or face to face view between 4 – 5 weeks of age. 

We are taking provisional bookings for puppies via an informal chat on the phone and several questionnaires.

The purpose of this is to assess the compatibility with the new prospective owner to a Belgian Shepherd Malinois puppy.

Once we have got past this stage we will add you to the sharepoint group where we will share pictures and videos  about the puppies who will be colour coded. Enabling you to select a puppy from your own home in the current COVID restrictions.

We will allow you to come to view the puppies in an outdoor environment once they are ready at around 4 – 5 weeks of age. Masks and hand gels will be adhered to on face to face meets. 

Please remember we want the  puppies to go to a good home forever. So the initial stage is important to us and hopefully yourselves. If we can’t establish a rapport with the prospective owner and communicate via basic means such as email and phone call. We won’t be able to proceed with your application for a puppy.

A deposit of 20% of the cost of the puppies will be required to confirm a puppy. Prior to picking up the puppy or us delivering the puppy to you. The full amount must be paid before any exchange of a puppy to you.  Plus  additional costs for transportation or additoional breeding restrictions lifted.