Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

Dog Socialisation and Obedience Training

“A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog”

Socialisation is important at every stage of the dog’s development. 

We need to help expose the dog to new stimuli such as vehicles, livestock, people, new dogs and a lot more stimuli.

Training is based around socialising your dog along side informal obedience training.  

Emphasis put is on:

“Teaching the owner to train the dog”.


Most frequent questions and answers

Puppies, juniors to adult dogs of sociable nature.

Every dog deserves a chance to socialise with other dogs and people.  

We will help you socialise your dog with other dogs, people and new environments. 

Dogs who do not have the correct socialisation can become sensitised to new stimuli causing them to be anxious, fearful or even excited.


Emphasis is placed on teaching the owner how to develop & train their dog/s.

Positive dog training methods are only used.

The lessons take place in the Lincolnshire countryside at varied location for all abilities.

Message us or book a trial session for £10 see what you think. Then the session after the is discount for sessions for members.

Sessions are paid in blocks of 4.

“Train My Dog” Members is Free for 12 sessions in the year.

Non members £10 per session.

What does the ‘Train My Dog Membership include and benefits:

Price is £45 for the year.

5% discount off products, courses and 1 to 1’s.

Monthly newsletter

1 x half price seminar every year.

Free entry in to an annual prize draw competition where you get a variety of doggy items for training. 




2 hours including socialisation for people and the dogs, training and some exercise.


dog obedience
Alistair Spinks training a dog

Upcoming Sessions

20th Sep 2020:
Scenic Tealby

Location: Tealby Church Carpark at the junction.

Distance: 1.5 mile

Class times: 0900 – 1100

Cost: Members £3 & Non members £10

Day: Sunday

18th October:
Market Rasen

Location: Willingham Woods

Distance: 1.5 mile

Class times: 0900 – 1100

Cost: Members £3 & Non members £10

 Day: Sunday

"Train My Dog"

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What are the benefits of the membership?

– 12 sessions included in the membership 

(one of the sessions is the Canine Behaviour Workshop)

– 10%  discounts on all services

– Quarterly newsletter

– Access to elearning & blogs

– A dog training and behaviour seminar half price included in the membership price.


10% off all services


Quarterly newsletter to help you with your dog training and behaviour needs.


Access to a limited range of ebooks and elearning courses and current blogs on dog training and behaviour.


1 %
Off Sessions

6 for the price  of 12 sessions.

1 %
Canine Behaviour Workshop

Behaviour & Training worksop to help you understand your puppy and dog.

1 %

Day Dog Trg (DDT)

1 to 1

Behaviour Consultations



& More …….


£ 30
00 annually
  • 10% Off services
  • 2 x socialisation sessions
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • online behaviour support.


£ 85
00 Annually
  • 15% Off services
  • 12 x socialisation sessions
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • online behaviour support.


£ 250
00 Annually
  • 20% Off services
  • 12 x socialisation sessions
  • Monthly Newsletters & Training tips
  • Online Behaviour Support
  • Four 1 to 1 sessions.

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