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Mobile Dog Training in Surrey

Bespoke  1 to 1 dog training:






Dog Training & Behaviour Services

We have 25 years experience training dogs professionally from MOD backgrounds and frontline dog roles to deliver a professional and high quality dog training & behaviour service.

 Qualified dog trainers and behaviourists to help you with pet dog training and behaviour issues to security dog training.  

This can be done 1 to 1 training, small groups and besopke dog training.

Tailored made training programmes to train you and your dog to become a personal protection dog in your own home for personal and propety proctection.

Pet Dog Training

We can help with puppy training, obedience issues, recall and qualified behaviourists and dog trainers to help with problem behaviour. 

Personal protection dog training

Dogs are a vital part of providing security to deter and prevent theft and burglary.  We can help train your own personal protection dog to protect you and your premises.


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What dog training methods are used?
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