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1 to 1 Dog Training

1 to 1 Dog Training


1 to 1 dog training tailored to the owners needs to help deal and manage mild training issues.



To help the owner/handler work through undesireable dogs behaviour so it become desirable.


– state and explain an action plan to solve the dog training problem.

– Demonstrate positive dog training methods

– Sate the environmental factors triggering the problematic behaviour.

– Explain the human factors affecting the dog’s behaviour.

– Explain and outline factors affecting the dog’s behaviour.

How does the 1 to 1 work?

We have a dog trainer/animal behaviourist come to you house or local area. Alternatively, you can come to our dog training centre in Hemswell. Practically show how to manage dog’s problematic behaviour. Ask you a series of question to analyse the dogs behaviour, so we can explain to you the root cause of the problem. A solution to a problem.

Where does it take place?

At your home or local area and you come to us. There is small traveling out fee to come to your house.


How long is the 1 to 1?

A 1 to 1 is for 1 hour as any more and the dogs attention span and focus diminishes.


How many 1 to 1s do I need?

General advise say 1. To help practice and consolidate the training recommend 2 – 3.


What is the availability for the dog trainers?

We can work it around you and flexible on timings.


How do I receive the discount when I book more than one 1 to 1’s?

Type in promo code: 25WAAS96 when you get to the basket. The discount will be automatically applied.

Reservation information to process 1 to 1 dog training!

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