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4 Week Puppy Foundation Training Course

4 Week Puppy Foundation Training Course


Puppy Socialisation & Training:

We can help you train your puppy via our qualified and experienced trainers. Positive dog training methods used and tailored to your needs.

All-round package to help your dog socialize from puppy to adulthood with access to professional guidance giving you peace of mind for your dog training needs.

6 month FREE Trial Period in the Socialisation and Training Package.

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4 Week Puppy Foundation Training Course

Next Course/s:

Location: Willingham Woods (Outdoor training)

Session dates

(Updated 22/06/2021):

7th Aug,  Sat, 0930 – 1030

14th Aug,  Sat , 0930 – 1030

21st Aug,  Sat, 0930 – 1030

28th Aug,  Sat, 0930 – 1030

Cost: £65 (including 6 month Free Socialisation Package)

NB: After this course, the next puppy course will be around Oct/Nov 21

5% Discount to members or done a previous course & veterans or serving uniformed services & key workers.

dog socialising

Dog socialisation


Aim: Puppy training & socialisation

Over 6 sessions we will give you an insight into how to train your puppy and an opportunity to socialise your puppy around other puppies. Positive dog training methods used only and conducted in a safe environment using the 2-metre isolation rule. 

Socialisation & Training Package (6 Month Free Trial).

  • 6 month free trial to the socialisation and training sessions over six sessions in the Lincolnshire Wolds at varied locations.
  • Access to our online dog training resources
  • Discounts off Canine Behaviour & Training courses and Canine First Aid.










Contents of Training

  • Socialisation with other puppies and people
  • Foundation obedience such as sit, down, stay, recall & heel.
  • Puppy development Training
  • Common Behaviour & Training problems
  • Habituation training to new situations, people and objects.
  • Trick training.
  • Basic puppy training manual and clicker included in the price.
  • Discount on the future course when enrolling on to the course.
  • Counter conditioning programmes to get your puppy to use to new sounds, smells and sights e.g. fireworks & thunderstorms via cd.

How to book a place on the course:

If you would like to book a place on the course please can you follow the link on Facebook, website or any other social media link please which will all lead to www.spinkysdogtraining.co.uk for the individual service you require?

To book a place on a session or course you will need to pay in advance. We will refund you the money if we cancel the course for unforeseen reasons. However, the purchase will be NON REFUNDABLE.

We have made the sessions and courses flexible around your needs so we ask for some commitment to attend the course to help ensure there are other dogs on course to socialise their dogs with. 

We are professional in our services. You will receive handouts and clear instruction about what to do and organised sessions.

Unsociable dogs or problem behaviour dogs please contact us for more details on the next step so we can work out a plan for you to integrate your dog into classes.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from and seeing you at one of our classes and courses. 


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