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Family (or group) “Train my Dog” Membership

Family (or group) “Train my Dog” Membership


Dog Training & socialisation Membership for those who like to take part in regular sessions.  You will receive discounts on behaviour and training services and products offered by Spinkys Dog Training.


Family (or group) “Train my Dog” Membership


This membership package has been designed for those who like to regularly attend the obedience sessions throughout the year.
You will receive discounts on additional dog-related services and products. Sessions are a reasonably priced training bundle including a training & behaviour workshop.


  • 10% off all services.
  • 15% off online courses
  • Monthly newsletter.
  • Online behaviour & training behaviour support.
  • Additional dogs can be brought to the following:
    • Socialisation session from the same household.​
    • 2nd & 3rd person on a canine first aid course 1/3 of the price.
    • 2nd & 3rd person on a canine training and behaviour course 1/3 of the price.
    • 20% off additional dogs on courses.

What are the discounted products?

10% off discounted products including the bespoke range on the following:
  • Chuckit Product
  • Orbiloc lights
  • Limited unique all-round dog feed,
  • Tropi clean products: (Flea treatments, shampoos & much MORE!
Further discounts on other brands such as ancol, company dog training leads, collars, adaptl diffusers, clickers and much more.

What is the dog socialisation and obedience training sessions included in the package?

There are 10 socialisation & obedience sessions one of which is the behaviour and training workshop and another is canine first aid. The sessions take part in varied locations around Lincoln, Lincolnshire to help get your dog use to new environments.

What information do i get i the quarterly newsletter?

Monthly newsletters on currents events and sessions. Training tips and other dog related aspects such as nutrition, reproduction, basic veterinary care, pet first aid & much more.

What does the online and behaviour support cover?

Online behaviour support for general advice on behaviour and training issues. Access to limited dog training and behaviour related ebooks and discounts of other ebooks.
Access to online training videos, blogs and training articles in a SharePoint or dropbox arena. Also, limited free online courses and 15% discounts on other online courses.


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