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4 Week Progressive Dog Obedience Course (Market Rasen)


4 Week Progressive Dog Obedience Course (Market Rasen)


Help the beginner or those with some experience with handling and training dogs gain the foundations to recall their dog competently in a safe and positive manner.



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4 Week Progressive Obeidience Course

(Outdoor training) 

Location: Willingham Woods (Outdoor training)

Session dates  (Updated 05/08/2021):

– 11th Mar, Sat, 1130 – 1230
– 25th Mar, Sat, 1130 – 1230
– 1st Apr, Sat, 1130 – 1230
– 15th Apr, Sat, 1130 – 1230

Cost: £65 (including Rosette & Certificate & separation anxiety handbook)


NB: Limited places on the course.

10% off for those who have done previous courses. Contact us for the code Send me the code

Aim/s of course:

Help the beginner or those with some experience with handling and training puppies to adult dogs to gain the foundations in helping recall their dog competently in a safe and positive manner.


This is an open course for the junior dog and adult dogs who are sociable with other dogs and people.

If you are unsure if your dog is not suitable then have a chat with us on the phone or by email.

Depending on your own experience and your dog we can help build your skills up at the foundation level over a 4-week period. There are set syllabuses set out for each level which you can set goals too to achieve.

What’s covered in the course (Soon to be updated)

– Basic on-leash training
– Sit-stay training
– Teaching the sit, down, stay, heel, and recall as one component.
– Teach the dog its name and focus on the handler.
– Training aids available for recall training.
– How to build up the recall and maintain the dog’s interest.
– Introduction to recall distractions on leash.
– How to bridge on-leash recall to off-leash recall.
– Problem-solving when you come across a dog training problem.

What is included in the cost?
– Ebook dog training manual.
– Rosette.
– Clicker/whistle

How long is the course?
4 sessions.

The first course is the foundation level. Those that have done a puppy course would move on to level 1.

Progressive obedience is broken down into levels from 1 to 10 covering obedience, scent training, basic agility, trick training, and clicker training.  A variety of levels of people can be catered for in one lesson so can be a mixture of people’s abilities and dogs in the class. Small group classes maintained,

Where do we do the dog training?
The realistic training area at Willingham woods.




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