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Puppy & Junior Introductory Scent Course


Puppy & Junior Introductory Scent Course


The dog’s sense of smell is the best asset. Yet we don’t use it as we should and some classes and courses focus on obedience & agility too much. Some dogs may not enjoy obedience as it’s not a natural exercise and is very disciplined. For scent work, we can use obedience and use the dog’s innate ability to search for practicing off-leash work or long-line work. At the same time, you’re socialising your dog and working with the dog.

In this course, we look at a variety of topics that you can easily do with your dog with the correct know-how and guidance. We cover:

  • Man trailing.
  • Tracking
  • Scent work
  • Kong detection work on the focus wall.
  • Obedience and socialisation.
  • Introduction to new scents for mental stimulation.

This is a course if you like to learn new skills and build up your dog’s potential.


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Course Information:

Cost: £55.
10% Off for those on attended previous courses.
Duration: 4 weeks.
Day: Sat, 1100 – 1200
Dates. Nov 19 – Dec 17
Places available:
Limited to 4 places to ensure instructor-to-student ratio.
(3 places available now).
Location: Willingham Woods, Market Rasen
Notes: We will send out joining instructions and an information pack prior to joining the course to help prepare you for it.

To teach the owner how to use their dog’s nose and keep them stimulated throughout their development.

– Explain what the olfaction system is?
– Demonstrate the dog’s innate ability to scent.
– Explain & demonstrate how to implement marker training for scent imprinting
– Explain & demonstrate indication development on a focus area.
– Outline methods of training the dog to search.
– Explain & demonstrate what a scent pad is?
– Demonstrate how to handle a dog on a 100-meter track.
– Explain & demonstrate how to teach your dog to do man trailing using a scent article and runaway
– Demonstrate obedience and environmental training.
Week 1 – Insight training
  • – Equipment needed
    – Types of scents to train your dog on.
  • Methods of scent imprinting:
    • Scent pads
    • Scent recognition
  • Indication training & development
  • Man trailing introduction:
    • Scenting item
    • Swabs
    • Runaways
    • Scent discrimination exercises
    • Environmental training
  • Clicker training
      •  Timing
      • Approximation
      • Setting goals


  • Week 2 – Tracking/trailing/air scenting
    Initial stages.
    o Tracking
    o Trailing.
    o Air scenting.
  • Indication development
  • Scent discrimination training:
    o Kong
    o Introduction to other scents
    o Boxes & Luggage.
    o Ball reward vs food reward.
    o Ball and roll method.
Week 3 – Indication training & building up the track/trail distances.
– Focus wall training
– Kong activity games to teach other disciplines.
– Obedience to scent work
– Marker training to help build up indication work
– Introduction to 2 leg tracks and trails.
Week 4:
– Finding the kong in a focus wall, area, vehicles & box
– Track/trail 1- 3 legs
– Basic Obedience
– Marker training drills including clicker work
– Scent work equipment
Rosette issues and certificate. Training materials were provided and a free clicker.
10% off for those previously attended courses and a key worker.


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