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Scent UK Dog Open Class (Mar/Apr 23) – FRIDAY


Scent UK Dog Open Class (Mar/Apr 23) – FRIDAY


Scent Uk Training is a discipline to help train the owner how to use the dog’s best sense: a sense of smell. Dogs are used extensively to detect odors from drugs to cancer. In this session, we will teach you how to train your dog to find target scents such as clove, gun oil & truffle oil.


Beginners welcome.

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Open Scent Dog Training Class Bundle
Duration: 3 sessions
Cost: £30 (Bundle price for 2 sessions)

Location: Hemswell

The individual cost per session is £17.50


(Block sessions booking system for open classes is two at a time).

NB: The sessions booked in advance are only valid for the below dates. Beginner course advised prior to attending. However, open to all but please message us before purchasing to assess training requirements prior to the course for beginners.



Session dates:

Open Scent Classes: (Open to all: Beginner course required to attend)

17th March, Fri, 1900 – 2030

24th, March, Fri, 1900 – 2030 

31st, March, Fri, 1900 – 2030

14th April, Fri, 1900 – 2030

28th  April, Fri, 1900 – 2030



Aim: Teach the team how to conduct scent work with the dog on a variety of scents.
– Demonstrate how to Build up pattern work
– Explain & demonstrate how to teach the dog’s desire to search.
– Outline & demonstrate how to teach the dog to indicate.
– Demonstrate and explain how to mentally stimulate the dog via the olfactory system
Who can come?
Anybody with their dog. No problematic dogs with aggression or anxiety issues please as they will need behavioral therapy. Beginners welcome.
What equipment do I need?
Dog with a food or ball drive, lead treats, and clicker. I will have training accessories available on the day.
The dogs will be trained to detect gun oil, clove, and truffles in a variety of contexts such as vehicles, rooms, belongings, and open areas. This will be done via working on levels 1 & 2 and building up the dogs and handlers to go to local competitions to earn the level 1 & 2 stakes.
Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
We run open scent classes where you can build upon your skills and develop them to for your dog and personal development.
There are also tracking and man-trailing training sessions you can attend too at Market Rasen, Willingham Woods.

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