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Security Dog Training Open Day


Security Dog Training Open Day


Free insight day with Spinky’s Dog Training on how to become a Security Dog Handler & training tips.


Security Dog Training Open Day

18th Aug Tuesday, 1000 – 1400 @ Hemswell

Cost: Free (Initial deposit required but fully refunded on day)


Aim of session:

To give the learner an insight to what the security dog industry has to offer and employment opportunities.


  1. Demonstrate how to teach the dog to detect a hidden person
  2. Demonstrate how to teach the dog to show defensive and prey drive.
  3. Explain the security dog pathway to become a security dog handler.
  4. Demonstrate to teach the dog foundation obedience.
  5. Explain how to further the team skill set.



New members only can subscribe to the session for an insight day.


How do I book a place on the open day?

Just go click on the product and go to the checkout. You will be charged £20 but will receive it all back on attendance via a refund. So the CT day will be FREE.


Is there any gp courses I can do?

Yes there is follow on courses and short courses you can do. Please speak to the NASDU instructor on the day.


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