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Seperation Anxiety Ebook (Self Help Guide)


Seperation Anxiety Ebook (Self Help Guide)


Separation anxiety handbook for pet owners who need initial advice on how to deal with this condition. If not treated in the long term it could have a large impact on the owner’s lifestyle and work routine. Damage can be caused in the house and possibly noise complaints from neighbors.

Early intervention is key in educating the owner to train the dog. We explain:

  • What separation anxiety is?
  • its signs and symptoms
  • Treatment plans
  • Prevention measures.

A consultation to help an owner for a full package is £250 for a consultation and 2 x 1-hour follow-ups. We aren’t trying to take away business from ourselves. However, understanding the economic climate money is tight so we have devised a quick fact sheet and treatment plan on a common canine behavioral condition. If this doesn’t work, then you can ask us for a consultation and receive a 10% off a consultation you provided you have purchased this ebook.



This is an ebook to help you understand separation anxiety, tackle it at an early stage and prevent it from worsening.

Outline of the ebook:

  • Understand what Separation anxiety is?
  • Sign and symptoms
  • Treatment plans
  • Prevention measures


This ebook could save you money directly by teaching you how to deal with problems.

Knowledge is key.

“Educate the Owner to Teach the Dog”



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