Faldingworth, Lincolnshire

Canine Problem Behaviour

Alistair Spinks is a qualified Animal Behaviourist and a Professional Dog Trainer with 25 years experience. 

10 years spent in the British Army, 1st Millatry Working Dog Regiment as a dog handler and dog trainer handling a variety of dogs from: 

– Exciteable to timid 

– Anxious to fearful 

– Aggressive to people and dogs 

– Helping to incease dog’s motivation.

Dealing with pet dogs we have experience in dealing with a variety of behaviour conditions from separation anxiety, aggression to people and dogs, car chasing, resource gaurding and much more.

Behaviour consultations are done through veterinary referral. Please Contact Alistair Spinks for the next step.

Alistair Spinks

Fields of expertise

Canine Aggression

Aggression towards other dogs, people, possessive over toys & food,  anxiety related, fear aggression, territorial  & predatory aggression

Seperation Anxiety

We help so you can leave your dog alone in the house when your at work knowing your dog won’t chew, howl or toilet in the when alone. 

The aim is to help your dog be relaxed when alone and not stressed.


Some dog breeds can be energetic and show problematic behaviour if their energy is not burnt off.

They could exhibit problem behaviours such as spinning, excessive barking, pulling on the lead, stealing food & not settled. 

Car/Bicycle Chasing

Some dogs will chase cars or bicycles as the movement will trigger them to go on to fight mode. This then becomes learnt and a means of having fun which is undesirable to the owner.

Stress Related

The environment could be the cause of triggering an anxious response such as new people.

Or the puppy hasn’t had the socialisation training so has become sensitised to people, dogs or new things.

Much More behaviours

If there is any areas we haven’t mentioned and like more help with please contact us as this is just a sample of what we do.

We have a vast knowledge of dealing with canine behavioural problems.


Canine Behaviour Consulation Package

Comprehensive behaviour & training plan.
£ 275
per package
  • 2 Hour consulation
  • 2 x 1 hour follow ups
  • 6 months email and phone support
  • Dog Training Handbook
  • 1 X phone follow up 30 minutes
  • Behaviour Action Plan