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Scent Dog Training

Uk Scent Taining
We can show how to train and compete for Scent Uk trials. We have Scent Uk Instructors and ex MOD detection dog trainers.
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Scent Imprinting & Indication work
We can help you imprint your dog on to a variety of scent from truffle oil to kong. Kong indication work can form the foundation for the indication later used for future detection work in drugs, explosives and more.
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Good sport for active dogs who need a job!
Scent training can be done by all breeds and anyone interested. There is some dogs who you can't tire out what ever you do. Scent work is mentally stimulating for the dog, challenges the owner. It is a great way to learn about the dogs sense of smell works.
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What is Scent Work?

Scent work teaches your dog to use their nose search a variety of items for targeted sources.


Does your dog have energy to burn and need some mental and physical stimulation?



Scent uk training and work up the levels.

Extra activity on scent training in more diverse areas and unique scents

Dogs natural ability

The dog has a good sense of smell and a good way to get to know how your thinks and works.


What Our Customers Have to Say

obedience training
focus training

Opo scent work: Market Rasen

Man Trailing & K9 Tracking

Wilderness Search dog (Air Scenting)
Tracking & article indication

This is an introductory scent course for puppies, juniors & adult dogs. We will teach you how to train your puppy or dog to recognise a scent, indicate, track, trail, and search patterns.  Dogs enjoy scent work and searching and is natural for them.

Man Trailing

Upcoming classes & courses

Open Scent Classes


Fri, 1900 – 2030 

                        Mar: 17th & 24th

                        Apr: 14th & 28th

Location: Hemswell

Beginners Course


Sun, 1030 – 1230  (Cancelled)


                        Mar: 12th & 26th

                       Apr: 2nd,16th & 30th


Location: Hemswell


Training Progression

Training is welcome to all levels from beginner to intermediate. When you start your training you will begin a training workbook helping you to progress with training your dog in scent work to the Scent UK levels 1- 10. 

Each level will take approximately 12 sessions depending on the time the owner puts in to training the dog and attending classes on a regular basis. 

There is extra curriculum scent training available to the learner searching open areas, rooms, vehicles, focus walls, scent discrimination tasks based on experience and training from instructors experiences training and handling detection dogs in the MOD..

Sessions is paid in blocks of 3 to help you focus on each aspect of training in a logical order before proceeding to the next stage. 

If you like to pay any other methods please contact us to pre arrange.

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